iPhone, meet Joomla!

Just like many of you, I have a crush on the iPhone. Not only because this fancy device is capable of just doing what it needs to do, but also because of the underlying technologies, more commonly known as the iPhone SDK. After having a beer with a fellow iPhone user, I decided to dive into the iPhone SDK to check out its potential deliver as a publishing tool.

There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone users out there, and even more Joomla!™ users. Wouldn't it be great to connect these users on the road? Therefore: Joomla!: meet iPhone and iPhone: meet Joomla! Both of you, meet iSyncleon: a full blown iPhone application for the Joomla! content management system.

What does it do?

Simply said, iSyncleon allows you to manage your Joomla! website from the iPhone. At this moment, we've developed a proof of concept with the following features on the roadmap:

  • Home: an overview of what's happening on your website;
  • Articles: the ability to edit your articles;
  • Users: a list of your users, and the ability to communicate with them;
  • Inbox: your own personal Joomla! mailbox.

iSyncleon is far from complete. We've identified features we tend to find useful, but we can only make sure with your input! To make sure we can hear your voice, we added a Feedback button on the left side of the blog where you can add ideas and vote on others. After a while, the ideas with the highest ranking will be implemented in iSyncleon.

We believe that this iPhone application perfectly illustrates the goal and meaning of Syncleon: to synchronize the web like a chameleon in as many ways as possible. To sync the web in the best way possible, dependent on the environment the end-user is in.

User experience, isn't that what it's all about?

Tell us what you think!


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